Indian Nurses Federation of Kuwait (INFOK)


Medical Leave for Government Staff in Kuwait

Govt. Employees in Kuwait to apply for medical leave they have to call 1828888 or 133.

but before doing this for first time they have to register themself, Please use your mobile number to do this as this number will be registered for future use.

To register please follow the below steps.

1. Call 1828888 or 133
2. Then press 3 
3. Enter your Civil ID Number
4. Enter the telephone Number to register.
5. Enter password
6. Enter password again to confirm.

For Applying sick leave

1. Call 182888 or 133 (Call from the number you entered when registering)
2. Then press 7
3. Enter your Civil ID Number
4. Enter Password
5. Then press 1

Sick leave request will automatcally forwarded to your area clinic (based on your civil ID address).

When you reach there take number and meet the doctor, and once the doctor enters your ID. it will show him your request, Which he will print and give you after the checkup.


If in anycase you forget your password or need to change password go personally CSC office in shuwaikh (Next to ZAIN opposite to City Center)