Indian Nurses Federation of Kuwait (INFOK)


Indian Nurses Federation of Kuwait (INFOK) highlights and profiles the professional Indian Nurses working in Kuwait.

The federation has been designed to spotlight nurses from Indian community , hence to provide an opportunity to enhance the interaction in between  its members to promote the social wellbeing. We are a professional, social , cultural ,non political and volunteer association registered under Indian Embassy in Kuwait ,with its jurisdiction which follow the rules and regulations allowed by the Kuwait ministry.

Vision & Aim

To reinforce and foster it's member's professional skills through educational programs, conventions and seminars.-To create a sense of spirit and unity among  nurses of Indian community.

  • To uphold  the dignity and honor of the profession.
  • To encourage  the cultural and artistic talents of its members by nurturing their aptitude.
  • To promote charity for the needy communities in our society & to aid social welfare.

Through the History

INFOK  has firmly established at a deep or profound level from its forerunner association Al Jahra Nurses Club, a unit started on January 2012  in Jahra which could attain amusement needs  for a  small group and it gathered great momentum within three years to put forward for further innovation.

After successful pursuit we have found the need for a community which gratify professional Indian Nurses. On 2015 we emerged to a wide strength comprises professional Indian Nurses and the federation formed under registration of Indian Embassy in Kuwait. Within in this short year span the federation got deep rooted strength by more than 1000 members .Now proudly we can state that our federation could achieve an eminence among the  distinguished associations in kuwait through inevitable services rendered to the mankind. thank you